If The Rug Fits – How To Choose The Proper Rug Size

Uncategorized / Friday, February 16th, 2018

Figuring out the proper size and shape for an area rug in your home can be a total mess sometimes, especially if you don’t share the same taste or don’t prefer similar styles with your roommates, partners, spouses or siblings. 

If there are a million questions in your head giving you painful headaches and they’re all buzzing at the same time just like bumble bees, just try to relax your mind because there’s always a way to figure out things successfully in the end. 

Just take a look at these couple of standard and necessary rules that could mean a lot to you – especially in choosing the right sized rugs for suiting your expensive home properly.

Analyze & Visualize The Space

The easiest way of getting the image of the space and its dimensions is to visualize it as a whole volume and analyze the furniture pieces that are included in its design. After that, when you’ll understand the nature of the given space, the next step is to visualize the final and desired look of the whole room or place with all the details and accessories included in it. It will help you with defining the approximate dimension of the area that needs to be covered with a particular rug.

The Bigger, The Better

Always tend to choose bigger rugs to cover large areas of the room. 

It will make the whole space feel complete, and it’s the only way to prevent getting the ‘floating’ rug effect. When rugs cover just one piece of furniture – for example, a rug under the coffee table in the living room – it often looks like the table is floating in the space above the flooring. To avoid this ‘floating effect,’ just pick a rug that would be a little bigger. The ideal size for a rug placed under the coffee table would be the one that lies under and defines a whole sitting area or the one that lies under the front legs of the furniture.

So in spite of choosing smaller, compact rug, try to select the one that is a couple of inches longer and wider. You’ll be excited how this tiny difference would affect the whole space in the end.

Proportions As A Key To Sizing

Proportions are everywhere around us. They also take part as components to the principles/rules of design, so they can be used to define all kinds of spaces including projecting interior designs and the devising of the details like the rug size as well. The rug size that you would have to choose is preferable to be equivalent to the width and the length of the particular space. So – the larger the room, more extensive is the rug. Or if the area has a longitudinal plan, then the chosen rug should be lengthwise oriented. 

Always keep in mind that the rug has to fit the room in a couple of different ways and the size is just one of them. 

The right fit is usually a result to the connection of one room to the other rooms in the home, the traffic on a daily basis, the use of the room, and – last but not least – the furniture pieces that integrate the room as a whole package.

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